There are old masters of pipe makers who live in towns of Saint Cloud, on the foots of Jura Mt., in France. First they produced pipes with commercial purpose, which they used mud, cooked with fire, as the material of  pipes; however being  very sensitive to fire, clay warmed up too much and got distorted quickly. Hereupon, some investigations about wood that is done in Saint Claude, which is famous about its furniture, bring up the matter that Erica Arborea has a fireproof and self defending system. Then between 1855 and 1859 Erica has been accepted for being the best material  in lieu of pipes that made by mud. Datas are extant  on City Library, France. In addition  to that  there  are records of a Frenchman (Francois COMOY ) producing pipes.

Francois COMOY set up his  workshop  which contains pipes made of mud at 1825. His work continued  for  23  years , and  gained  a  new dimension with usage of the Erica Arborea in making of pipe by Comoy’s son. With this the history of Erica Pipe has begun. Due to a new investigation , it is reported that a master named Ulysse COURRIEU, lives in Cogolin Town, Saint Tropez, has been using this root in making of pipe since 1802. Besides it is known that this is used widely  in  Scandinavian  countries (Holland, England, Denmark, Ireland)  and countries next to North Glaciers , after years of 1900s.

Erica Arborea is the main material of pipe. Being
a shrub tree, Erica isn’t an absolute tree at all. It is
more likely to a brush
 which has lots of branches.
It is a plant whose height lengthens to 410 meter
 it  has  a  very  hard  and  porous  root.
Surprisingly this plants erica has a breathing,
regenerating structure.

It takes a long time for erica changing to a pipe and needs  difficult  processes  during  this change. Because of the hard structure of the erica it is hard to work  with it, just  like taking out the  erica correctly from the soil. This erica isn’t venous like other  trees,  i.e.  it is in  fibres and has a  dense structure. The veins are up the erica, that  is they are  in  body and branches . The  erica  forms a structure which is hard and slippery as glass named Quartz, by itself. So it is the most  important one of  the plants that are densely  available on  earth. Also it has some specialities  that  increase  fire endurance. The tree produces the erica in time and as we mentioned before it ends up its development in 10-12 years . A good tree may not be a good pipe sometimes. An experienced pipe user would not buy pipes due to colour, view, package or glow of  the pipe. Don’t  forget  that  the design, pureness, clearness and being the most important one got orderly  holed of  the pipe (tree) are more important specialities than the other ones.


While smoking the pipe , unlike the cigarette , the pipes smoke


One must only circulate the smoke in mouth to
take feel the taste of tobacco and never inhale
the smoke in. If you inhale the smoke while
smoking, to say nothing of the health effects,
you would not get the real taste of pipe
smoking and it wouldn’t be a pipe smoking
work at all.


    “ It is a convenances work to smoke the pipe as is a merry work too. As a matter of fact being a legend, the special history of pipe is very old. Due to Greek Mythology, Epimetheus gets really attracted from the smell of fire that his brother Prometheus stole from the gods, as he starts to inhale it with a straw stalk. And the two brothers punished by the gods because of trying to take something that is peculiar to gods.

Widening of the pipe has occurred in Continent of America. After Colombo, with Spanish and Portuguese sailors; clay, stone and bone made pipes of indigenous have been carried to Europe. At that time butternut squash, coconut shell, bone, corncobs, nutshell and porcelain were the main materials used in pipe production. Nowadays the  most popular are ones that made from Erica Arborea and from parts without snag. Peculiar to Mediterranean coasts, “Erica Arborea” gets removed from ground at first. These roots which are between 30 and 200 years old gets cleaned, get cut due to the shape they will take in the future, get put in the oven to bake and gets dried in a natural environment. The pipes that made of light coloured eggs is widely accepted.”





Firstly seen in one of the frescos in Pompei, pipe has been  founded many years ago than tobacco.
Lots of pipes which are made of clay and iron by Celts
 are  found  in  Europe, as  well as  U.S.A. (Delaware). Although pipe has widened after to tobacco’s appearing. Very big and stone made pipes in Africa, elegant pipes to smoke hashish in East, pipes and hookahs in Iran and Turkey, and ball ringlets in Europe. There were pipe factories in Great Britain and Holland at 1625.

Many  kinds  of  materials  are  used  in  pipe production. The main production canters of the pipes made of baked clay in France were Givet, Saint Omer, Marseille and Nimes. Rod  and hookah were also made from baked clay. Being wide  in  Middle Europe  and  Alsace in our time, the  porcelain  pipe  was  found  by an Austrian Doctor named Jacob Vilarus. Magnezit, which can be found on Anatolia, is used in meerschaum
pipe producing, these usually had circles, made of  amber,on their mouth. There were pipes which are made of leaden, ivory, amber, glass, silver, corn lug. But the most commonly used tree in pipe producing is, white shrub root which is imported from especially Mediterranean Region, more then that from Algeria and  Constantine.

The  main  processes  that  must be done in pipe production are: calibrating, making  draft  and piercing, cutting the crucible, planning, passing from milling cutter, piercing the lug and planning the head for the last . Pipe can be painted or not, it gets varnished, shined, marked and a Perspex or amber circle gets put on the pipe. Saint Claude is famous for pipes made of amber roots.

  In the past and even now many kinds of materials are used  in  pipe production. Meerschaum and Erica Arborea are materials  that are most commonly  used in our time. However in addition to that there are some other materials used in production of pipes. One of them is  :  the Glass  Pipes .

  Glass pipes, are generally used as decoration stuff because of their colours and views. It is generally not preferred by pipe smokers. But it has some few users at all. Pipe lovers prefers collecting pipes than smoking them.


“ Put down that cigarette, he said. You light it, smoke half of it and you throw off it like a hooker…
These are shameful things to do! Marry with pipe! She is a faithful woman
. She waits still for you up to your return . ”

Page 57,
translated from Can Publishing
Turkish Edition )


 It was an old tradition of Englishman ; a sword and a pipe set were given to noble family’s male children as a gift , when they step into awkward age.

 The pipe set that was a gift for child, was given to an attendant when the noble child was born and it is wanted  from the attendant to use the set . The aim was to develop the ability of poison assimilation of the pipe that was used by the attendant for years and make it saved from the taste of nettle . Up to child’s  growth  the  pipe  was getting  ready for a healthy  smoking  by  this  method.

 The nobleman’s  youth son, who reaches  the age of  pipe  smoking, was  having a good  pipe set without  breaking  a  sweat  at  all. 

 ( BAY PiPO , Page 13 , Soner Yalçın  / Doğan Yurdakul  –  Doğan Publishing  )


("http://aksamgezmesi.tripod.com" dan alınmıştır.)

First of one must be really careful while buying a pipe. Buying a high quality pipe is a good investment for the future. If your pipe is light weighted, it shows that it will be a good smoking with that pipe. You must select at least 7 pipes and should smoke them according to the place you use. You must also make the pipe rest for 7 days after smoking in order to be sure that the pores of the briar that is filled with  moisture would gain the old smoking quality again. Otherwise it will make moisture and would
 give you a bitter taste .
Filling the tobacco is also important. If you feel that it is getting hard to smoke that day , put off it and don’t smoke on that day if possible. There can be some warm up at the bowl. In order to prevent the warming it is important to select a good tobacco and make it burned well. Before burning the tobacco it must be compressed well
. You can control this with your breath. While burning the pipe you should use special pipe lighter or match. Otherwise you would burn your hand or the briar. With an air hole on the center of the pipe, you should take the fire out. Also you can use meerschaum grid  filters after putting  the tobacco in the bowl. Prefer this filter as a second method. Metal filtered old pipes may make moisture. So you should prefer  pipes with active systems . This is why  their smoke would make less moisture , they prevent fire and tobacco cuts come to your mouth, reduces the tobacco’s harm to minimum. Normally you should every  time change the filter after smoking. Don’t forget that right along with the importance of health, active filters saves tobacco loss. You  must fill a new taken pipe by 1/3  and should rise it by time. After 10-15 times you can fill it fully. If you put honey to a new pipe it may give a nice smell to pipe and would make it dry faster . In addition to these clearing the pipe is also a very important  work. Every time dry the  tobacco  bowl  and  ebonite part  by cotton cleaners, after  smoking. Also every  time after smoking the pipe put  the warm ebonite part  away from the pipe in order to prevent it from slackening. While cleaning your pipe , pay attention not to take the stem part away by circling it right and left. Don’t hit your pipes o hard things while cleaning it. Using the special pipe ashtray, fitted with cork, is the best thing to do. By the time there will occur some carbon cake in the pipe. The cake which thickness is 1mm is normal. When you feel that the inner wall is getting narrow which means the carbon cake is exceeding 1mm  never use knife, jacknife or any sharp tool .Any damage in the briar, may get the briar burned . Use the special pipe reamer. We must not forget that pipe  looks  like a car  without  rubber and  engine, when it is alone. If you have cleaning tools , pipe reamer pipe pouche, pipe spoon, pipe tamper, pipe stand, pipe rack  and  filter  then  your  set  will be perfect. This materials will make your pipe smoking good and also will extend the life of the pipe. Always smoke your pipe in a good  time . Then the pipe willbe a good friend for you. To mention that both pipe and cigarette must not be smoked at the same time. Pipe will give you less harm than the cigarette and will save  your money. Also  the  preservation  of  the tobacco is important. Humidifying leather, caoutchouc, porcelain  or  something  like  these  which would prevent the pipe from taking air must  not be used. Pipes can be damaged due to their materials  and fault in smoking. Don’t try to repair the damages by yourself , always make the  professionals  look  it. Protect your pipe from cologne, alcohol, hot water, direct sunlight and spotlight . We would be happy if you  don’t  smoke  pipe  while  driving  car .




 named picture.

“Pipe  is  a  tool  of  smoking  the  tobacco. It is composed of two parts, one is a dish shaped part that  the tobacco puts in and the other one is a lug that the smoke inhales in. If the dish part is made of clay, corncob, meerschaum etc then the most common material is the Breuer named wood that obtained from the roots of tree shrub, rhododendron.

Smoking tobacco with pipe firstly seen at America Region because of the rites made in Mexico. In the northern parts the American indigenous were using some rite pipes; but the most important was the piece rod
. Decorated by  horse hair  these  pipes  dishes were  made from  marble or steatite , and they had 75 – 100 cm lugs made from ash-tree. The habit of pipe smoking has been bring  to Europe by  sailors who  journey  to  and  from  Loquat.”

( Encyclopaedia Britannica
Volume 17 – Page 621,
Encyclopaedia Britannica, INC.



While smoking the pipe , unlike the cigarette , the pipes smoke


One must only circulate the smoke in mouth to
take feel the taste of tobacco and never inhale
the smoke in. If you inhale the smoke while
smoking, to say nothing of the health effects,
you would not get the real taste of pipe
smoking and it wouldn’t be a pipe smoking
work at all.


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